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Brad's cut plug

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I purchased 2 of these last year to try,first time out started fishing at 8 in the morning Not much going so I started trolling for the channel it was about 11 oclock (First one went on rigger) landed that and then the other went on the other rigger. So you guested it I went and purchsed some more. So far not sure what to think,I keep one in the water all the time.most times 6 rods out. The one thing to remember you won't catch any with these if they are in your tackle box. Only been fishing 5 years so still learning,just felt like adding my 2 cents . I am adding wire dipseys this year plan on trying them on there .

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I could not find it via the search option...

How does everyone rig there cut plugs??

I was going to rig a few each way and see what turns out the best.

I know someone posted a picture of how they rigged them a while back that was differnt then what was put int he videos.


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Worked well for us last year at grand haven we put tuna in them they caught lakers close to bottom and kings when used on wire diver i liked the 11" pro troll white blade crush glow inlay the best colors of the cut plug were black/silver, blue dolphin, and the green dolphin another thing we caught fish in the mud with them so there pretty versatile

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I picked up 5 of these yesterday and am going to give it a shot. I have a buddy that ran them last year behind divers. He said he used the teasers off a cut bait rig in front of the plug and it seemed to catch more fish. He used tuna as well. I am going to give it a honest try. I think they will work.

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They have been working for me, just as much as any other flasher fly.

What I have noticed is you need to run at least 2 in your set up and you will get more hits.

I normally run one on a diver with a flasher and then another one clean on a rigger.

Silver and black cut plug w/ a gator flasher has been good.

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My Dad told me many years ago, there are lures that catch fish and there are lures that catch the fisherman. So me being not as smart as my Dad I bought 2 Friday, thinking this is money not well spent.

Headed out of Manitowoc Saturday afternoon. Fogot the tuna and a can opener, pick them up on the way. I now have more money in a can opener then the cut baits, oops! I only ran one wonder bread cutbait behind a large silver flasher and 20 foot behind the ball. In short order we boated 2 king 11 and 10 pounds, and one other came unbuttoned. Left the other cutbait in the boat, refer back to the not as smart part.

I am a now a believer! Next I will run at least 2 in the spread. :thumb: Dad would approve!

My question ... has anyone targeted walleyes with these??? and what do you fill them with???

2011 total

3 trips


12 hos

3 kings

2 bows

0 browns

0 lakers

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