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Smoked fish dip

Line Dancin

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I saw this recipe on gla over a year ago and tried it out this last week. It was the best smoked fish dip to this date that i have tried.

1.5 cups crumbled smoked fish

.5 cup milk

.25 cup minced onion

.5 tsp lemon juice

1 12 oz containter whipped cream cheese

1 tbsp worcetshire sauce

1 tbsp minced fresh chives

1 stalk celery minced

salt and pepper to taste

.5 cup fine grated sharp cheddar cheese

Mix smoked fish and milk together and let sit for half an hour mix a couple times. After it has sat mix everything together and put in the fridge. They say it is done in 2 - 3 hours but it typically tastes better the next day.

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Try smoking the salmon in the summer then canning it in pint jars. It is not quite as good as fresh smoked salmon but pretty close and it is real nice that you don't have to mess with a smoker in the winter. The canned smoked salmon goes great in dips like this one.

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This recipe came from the Milwaukee Great Lakes Sport fishermen news letter back in the mid 80's: author unknown to me.

8 oz soft cream cheese

8 oz sour cream

2T chopped onion

2T chopped chives

1T lemon juice

1/2 tsp Lawry's

1/8tsp dry mustard

1t Worcestershire sauce

2 dashes garlic salt

3-4 dashes black pepper

mix all together then add

2 Cups flaked smoked fish and gently blend in.:thumb::thumb:

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Nice^ thanks for your recipe. I will give you one more recipe from me:

2 cups flaked smoked whitefish

2 tablespoons fat-free mayonnaise

4 tablespoons fat-free sour cream

4 drops hot pepper sauce, or to taste

3 drops Worcestershire sauce, or to taste

3 drops liquid smoke flavoring

cracked black pepper to taste


Place whitefish, mayonnaise, and sour cream in the bowl of a food processor. hot pepper sauce, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, and cracked black pepper. Blend all ingredients until consistency reaches a spread.  Serve with crackers, lemon or lime wedges, and capers.

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