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any ice yet

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Spent last weekend going threw all the icefishing equipment and relining rods and reals,tipups etc. Now just need ice.

Im thinking it might be ok this comming weekend depending on where ya go but have not heard of any ice reports around Martin,plainwell,otsego,allegan.

Has anyone been on good ice in this area yet?

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I was in the Lansing vacinity on Saturday and I'd say we were on 2.5" of ice. With all this cold things should start shaping up, the only thing that is going to hinder the ice is the snow

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Ended up having family chrismans at my house on sat,so did not make it out.

I did make it out on to Beard's cove on Gun lake friday eve to test the ice. A good 4 to 5 inches of ice on the bay of solid black ice, but the ice is weak up by shore. onece you get 24 to 30' from shore, no worries. but use a spud up by shore. nice thing it only foot deep. ended up with one flag and a 20 inch pike, 1 perch and 3 bluegills. only fished for about 1 hour and 15 min as I did not want to navigate the ice in the dark this early in the year.

There were also guys out on long lake over in yankee springs and also there were guys fishing out on Deep lake. Just saw them driving buy so not sure what they were catching if anything.

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hamlin in ludington has about 4inches but shoreline is soft in some areas. Only had a few hours to fish but got half a five gallon bucket mix 1 perch, blugills and a few crappie. Im happy as this is only my second year of ice fishing and have alot to learn. Mid week ill be on Pier Marquett lake only saw a few fishing and im not comfortable fishing 40ft of water with current till I know its safe..

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