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Setting the Record Straight

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Being our resident Surf/pier guy... I will share everything I know... I am still learning alot about the river.

The only question you can not ask is "Can I take your wife out to dinner?"



Then I can go fishing:)

I am new to the boat game too and filled with lots of questions... ASK away.. everyone here has always been a good help.

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thats great! i actually just joined SU WI last spring. Wish I would have a long time ago. They really do great things for the lake, area and our fishery. Unfortunately, in the past there was a "wall" between charter boats and the SU club. Things have definitely changed for the better.

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Hey guys....believe it or not I don't have many pics from last season. I have a few I'll try to get up when I get home tonight. I also would like to post a few pics of the trolling flies I've been tying. Some like sparse flies but I prefer dense flies with large dome eyes to give those salmon a real target point.

As for guys here and on many other boards, almost all have been great in answering questions and helping out.

Again, thanks all for the help.

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When I met my father-in-law his fishing knowledge consisted of putting a worm on a hook and sitting there. Then, to my surprise, we actually went on vacation without the wife to Little Sodus Bay and had a blast. Although bad weather kept us off the main lake, we hit so many bass and pike in the bay he said it was a trip he'll never forget.

Now he trolls wire line back in NJ for lake trout, heads up to the Salmon River for steelhead and has become a much more diverse fisherman who really enjoys getting out and fishing. We're already planning for him to come out this spring and try coho and brown trout fishing. He's an awesome fishing partner and this was just another day we had a blast out on the water.

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