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Go To Ice Jigs (pic thread)

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Ok guys posts Pics of your top 3 go to jigs (specify species)

For gills i always run a tandom rig


From left to right Top lie to bottom

Top: Size 16 fly i tipped with 1 spike, Marmooska firetiger tipped with 1-2 spikes, and a brass bead head size 18 fly tipped with 1 spike

Bottom: DIAMOND JIG size 14 with a char plastic from northland fishing tackle no live bait on this jig, Fiskas balance jig in 16 and i'll norm put 1 red, and 1 white spike and see what the fish want, and a gold with glow bead from tip this with spikes, mouses, or waxies.

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Tandems rigs are run by tying a fly on first about 6 to 10 inches above a jig ,or a liter jig above a heavier one.

Very effective for picky fish.

Yep! Call me crazy but I have one spot that the gills are BIG. I regularly catch them on minnows so my "go to" rig is a Custom 27inch UL rod with an Okuma reel and some good 4lb test. Other end of that I put a real small treble hook with a minnow hooked through the eye and a small horizontal jig above that 8 inches. The minnow brings them in and they hit the jig, IMO. Watched a lot of fish on camera, you can learn so much about how the fish react to certain presentations.

Ill grab a few favorites and post 'em in a bit.

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