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My Season So Far


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Well guys, I have had a good season so far. Season started out with hunting a big 8 behind my house that ended up dissappering. Don't know if he was shot or what. Hunted hard without much success, passed up a lot of doe's and a few small bucks.

I have bowhunted for 4 years (ever since I legally could) and have never connected with a deer. October 15 rolls around and this keeps repeating in my head. I wanted to get that first bow deer under my belt, and when a doe stood quartering away at 10 yards, I did just that!:) Perfect double lung shot, ran 60 yds and piled up.


I was super excited about that first bow deer! Hunted on and off for the next few weeks. Saw again a number of small bucks and a few doe's. Some rut action-bucks chasing does, scrapes, etc. Nothing much happening.

Then this weekend rolls around. Saturday night I hunted a stand that overlooks a swampy field on one side and a small clearing that held 9 scrapes on the other. I had hunted this spot hard lately, I knew there was a big boy running around on our property in Paw Paw and it was just a matter of time. I got a text from my dad that night saying he jumped a MONSTER 10 pt walking in. I later found out this deer had massive tines, and was real wide. Saturday (last) night ended up seeing a few doe's, one small buck, and a buck chasing a doe. Also heard some bucks fighting.

This morning I planned on sitting the same stand I did the night before. Walking in the moonlight lit up the woods and I could tell some of the scrapes had been hit in the middle of the night. Around 7:00 a 7pt passes my dads stand (my dad hunted about 60yds away) and came strolling right on in to me. It was hard to but I had to pass this deer up. I had seen him several times and I knew he was just a 1 1/2 year old. Next year he will be awesome.

At 8:30 I hear a crash and see a buck chasing a doe through some real thick stuff about 40 yds away. I hit the grunt call and he spins around and is now making a b-line for my tree. At 30yds he stopped but the shot wasn't favorable so I let him keep coming. 15 yds in the wide open, slightly quartering to from 22 ft up, I mouth grunt to stop him and hit the release. THWACK! Shot was a little high but definitely where it needed to be and I watched as this buck got wobbly 100 yards away and fell over, double lung. He is a older deer for sure- no teeth, thick gray body, gnarly horns, and has a lot of fat. He broke quite a few tines but is still an 8pt! Not the biggest deer ever but I am happy! My dad watched it all unfold from his tree which was neat, glad I passed up the small buck earlier:D First bow buck is now down!

Hope everyones season has been good!;)


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Very NICE Justin, the Doe will eat good, and the BUCK will look good on the wall.

The doe has been very good! Had backstraps the night after:p I wont be mounting the buck; however, I might do a Euro mount!

Thanks guys! I hope everyone has had a SAFE and fun season.

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Congratulations on your deers :thumb:

I had a pretty good season too this year. I've been on vacation this past week and I am literally worn out. No big bucks but I did get a nice doe.

We were able to enjoy venison for dinner every night while I was off. It was a perfect vacation. And believe it or not I'm actually not bummed out to go back to work today. I need a brake. This huntin is hard work :grin:

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