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Stannard Rock--The Best of 2010!


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Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate it! I am very lucky to do what I do and meet the great people I meet. Creating lifelong memories for people, including myself, is a big reason why I get up at 3a.m. all summer long!


The song is called "Sunrise" by Ted Nugent, without the lyrics. :thumb:

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I will leave the brand up to you. I really like the Gander Mountain rods(for trolling rods too). High quality, good guides, good feel, and a lifetime no questions asked warrenty. I like them in 6-7' and med-heavy to heavy action. We use 2-5oz. jigs so you need some backbone, but I feel more comfortable with a "beginner" and a med to med-heavy action because than he cant just horse the big fish up, which is what kills them. I have to remind them.....it may take 45 minutes to get this fish in.....but thats a GOOD thing! Jigging rods have 4000 series Shimano reels(A MUST!) spooled with 20lb. Power Pro and tipped with a 15' leader of 12-15lb. Seagur florocarbon. A tip for ya--- Save a little money on the rod, and spend it on good reels! I wear out high end Shimano drags in 1-2 years with the use I give them out there.

For casting spoons out there I like a 7' med action rod spooled with 10-14lb. Seagur Florocarbon line. We throw 3/4 oz. spoons to 4oz. spoons. As you can see, FLORO on everything. I am one of those guys who truly belives it puts more fish in the boat, Lakers on Superior and Kings on Michigan.

Hope that helps :thumb:

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