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WOW ,a entire weekend of great weather and great fishing.

Today I had the privalage of fishing aboard the Tangled Mess , It was sponser day, we had Tony from Eyefull custom rods and CJ from the Silver Streak com. Capt. Don left the dock around 8:30 and was back in at around 1 with a nice 3 man limet of steelhead.

We ended the morning going 9 for 19, all very acrobatic steelie.

the best water today was a little differant from yesterday , it was 100 to 150 with the surface temp comeing up to 62 degrees and no break as far as 190. And for the neat part was the speed this morning was from 4 to 4.8 on the gps, anything slower and they just did not want to bite.

Anywho here is the pic of what worked and were and one of the catch



Well with that said if you ever get a chance to run the rods from Eyefull costums they seem to be very nice and great quality and if any one is looking to learn a from the master of speed trolling get ahold of Capt Don.He said he has a lot of slot open through oct. :thumb:

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Nice job Terry!! that's where we got ours today too... Lots of boats blew right by and went deep. We pulled lines at 9:30 to get back for church!! Gotta take what we can get! Hopefully I'll get out this week too. Weather looks great!

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What a blast fishing with these guys. We got some great video that I'll post when it gets edited. Non stop action, Don and the guys had it going on. I think we bumped 5.0 a couple of times, amazing they chase down the Streaks at that speed. Learned lots of stuff today. Thanks guys.

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Wow...I am very jealous. Good job Terry!!! I guess we were going to slow this morning. Maybe one day I'll catch a steelhead.

Is that speed too fast for dipsys?

No this is not to fast for divers ,Don runs mono divers on 3 with no rings.

What was the speed at the ball , were you running in a heavy current?

Not sure what the temp or speed at the ball was , all the times that ive fished with him over the last few years ive never seen a probe in the water one time. Mainly becouse its all about running the write speed on top , the baits are only running about 40 down at best.

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