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Radio ettiquette


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Question cause I don't want to offend:

My boat came with a radio, I know it isn't to be used to just talk about trivial stuff such as movies, what bar to frequent after fishing, or the special at the local diner....

Is it only for emergency use?....what channel? ( I remember in the CB days there was certain channels for the truckers or emergency use.)

Do you keep in contact with others about where you are having some luck?

I don't know since I never had one, but I am sure you all know what is the preferred way it is to be used.

Thanks! :thumb:

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Thats a little info. Quite a few people use radios to give reports but seldom do I think they are telling the truth. If you do give a report it is likely within 20 minutes you will be fishing with 10 other boats near by. Channel 68 is common for lake Michigan and I think up in the bay's as well. Radio checks arent always proper but it is extra ensurance that your radio is transmitting properly. Example-"This is Ashman can I please have a radio check on 68?" And quite often a response will be loud and clear or something of the sort. I still don't know what the proper etiquette is for radio checks but that is the most common.

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