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Sorry for the late report but ive been busy with the family things the last few day, Anyhow her it is, A freind of mine that I work with asked me back in may if I could show him how to catch a few fish out there, becouse he would like to buy a boat and start salmon fishing. And I agreed, so we left the ramp at 5 pm and headed out to 80 fow. straight out off deerlick creek and set the dog on a n.w. troll with 2 riggers, 2 wire divers and a 15 color and 300 copper. we took our first fish in 115 and continued out to the 140 range with bait and nice marks all over the screen.

We ended the nite at 9pm going 12 for 13 with 4 lakers , 1 coho and 5 kings.(2 lakers were released unharmed)

The best water BY FAR was 115 to 135 about 2 miles north of the peirs , with the most productive troll being nw. at 2.9 on the gps.

Here is the list of what worked

  1. Mnt. dew slick spin dr and matching siggs riggs fly out 160 on a wire diver on 2 this took 6 hits
  2. Dark green mylar silver hoard on a 15 color this took 4
  3. 11 in. blue bubble paddle with matching fly took 1 down 105 on a rigger
  4. and a blue dolphin mag silver streak with a glow back gown 70 took 2

Man its a GREAT nite when you can take a rookie out and let them reset lines and net and catch fish with out any other boats around.:thumb:

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