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Well the seas were a bit more than the 1 to 2 ft that was forecast, were rolling 3 ft at the end of the piers and settled to 2 to 3 as we moved out and south. The bite was for the most part in the top 60 ft of the water column. We ran a full spread of Hi and lo divers, 4 riggers and 2 full cores and 2 300 copper. The pattern was Flashers and flies on the dipsies, and Silver Horde any glow as long as it was glow or Mylar. We went 5 for 11 with 4 that were on and off befor we could turn them and 1 that straightened out the split ring on a Sampo ball bearing swivel. 2nd time in the last 2 weeks of the 11 hits 5 came on plugs on full cores over 87 to 95 FOW, 4 came on riggers with Plugs and carmel dolphin modified stingrays. And 1 on the deep rigger set at 69' 11 green e chip paddle and a siggs rig green weenie fly. The other was on a hoochie mama 8" flasher with red spinners and a Horsefly. Final tally was 1 Laker on the hoochie mama and horesfly, 3 Kings ( 2 were 4 year old fish) and a beautiful 34" Steelhead that came on a Silver Horde white glow with black ladder back off the rigger dn 66'. The lake did lay down after 9 oclock and it was a beautiful day out there. If you are going out of S. Haven this afternoon be aware of a strong south west to north east current that likes to cross up every thing .

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