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Meat Rigs

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Ok I'm heading over to Ludington for the first time in 20 years and I have a question. Where do you get the cut bait for the meat rigs? I know things have changed since I've been last and this is one of them. We are heading over saturday to fish on sunday weather depending. Can you guys refresh me on some of the more popular rigs and bait shops in Ludington. I have some J-Plugs and spoons and a couple of flies (I know I need a few more) and some flashers thanks to Jason Wheeler. Thanks for all your help.


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The fishing has been very toughf the last 2 days, but as mentioned Captian Chucks is the place to go!!! If you dont have it a green ladder back j-plug is a must.According to charter reports when fish are found they just arent biting as water temp varies every few feet right now. Good luck and safe trip..

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There are quite a few posts by myself and others in the fishing reports section for ludington, find them and read carefully. I will also tell you when you get to Capt. Chucks do not and i emphasize do not leave the store without the following: 11" blue Bubble Spin Dr. and Blue Bubble Fly, two naked ladies(silver horde ace hi) its a white double glow with nothing on it( just ask the guys they will show it to you), two Dreamweaver Plugs the white one with pink dots, if you have any copper run the pinky on them. Last weekend the 130 fow from the 04's to 07's was very good. If you have anymore questions shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and i'll give you my cell #.

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