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Billy V Report - Sodus Point Aug 13th

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Jay and I went out for a short 2 hour trip out of Sodus Point after work tonight. We were in search of KINGS and once we got to 250 FOW just East of port the screen lit up and so did the rods (thanks for the tip Finders Keepers!!) :yes: . We had consistent action for the last hour or so of our trip, the highlight of which was this beauty that took my Lemon Ice Spin Dr/Siggs Glow Ghost combo out 710 feet before finally slowing down. The sound that our Daiwa Saltist Levelwind made when this fish took off on its run was incredible -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!


That combo was fished off of a Deeper Diver out 270' on a #3 setting. We also took fish off of our 120' rigger pulling a Super Slim Midnight Special, a 100' rigger pulling a NK Glow Frog, and a Deeper Diver out 300' on a #3 pulling a Green Dot Spinny/Sigg's Billy V Glow Ghost. Our best water was 250-310' down 70-120'. Best down speed for us was a slow 2.2mph on our Cannon IntelliTroll. The screen was lit up with fish and we were really excited about our prospects for Saturday morning - until we heard the weather forecast of 20-30 mph winds from the SE. Ugh!

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