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8/6 Michigan Waters Perch Report

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Launched out of Sterling St Park fished from fermi down to the twin towers. Lite bite all morning long with very calm weather almost no waves. Around 1PM west wind kicked up 2-3 ft waves. headed due east from Stony Point 24' FOW and found pockets of fish. Once the waves picked up the fishing took off. 2 man limit in 2 hrs on red bead/silver blade 1/2 circle spreaders with #6 hooks.

BIG TIP: do your best to get emerald shiners, I got a mixed bag of sand shiners and emeralds. The emeralds were aggressively hit the minute they touched bottom, the sand shiners need the school to start feeding before they would go off. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY the brown/purple bait, I don't know if they are chubs or what, but I heard they are minnows from the surrounding inland lakes (not from LSR or Erie) and the perch do not hit them. I got a few of them and tried them. They wouldn't get hit and I would eventually shake them off and put on an emerald.

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