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meat rigs

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I run the big flashers 12"+ on my dipsies only with a 6 foot leader. I run the smaller city chicken type setups on riggers usually around 20' back off the rigger. This is the trash can colored dodger with a single meat head no teasers.

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I don't run slower than 2.2 usually, max speed is usually 2.8-3.0 depending on waves/currents. This is all off our GPS, don't have speed at the ball, but I can base it off how far back the rigger cables are angled typically.

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here's the site for one of the meat rig companies I use. For just the flasher with single meat head on it with no teasers, I'd say they're 30" back off the dodger. For the larger flashers with 3 fly teasers on there, I've never measured but whatever the company includes, it is rather long, maybe 40-48" ? I know with a 5-6 foot leader and the big flasher/3 teaser fly rig we have to walk towards the bow with our 9'6" dipsey rods to net a fish.

Here's a pic of one of the 3 fly teasers with the large flasher


Found a pic off another site with the city chicken rig, they stated 24" in the early spring and 30" by fall for running them.


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I run Captain Johns stuff along with some Big Weenie Pig Rigs. The fish don't seem to care which one, actually they both use the same heads. I use them just like they package them. Three fly teaser rigs right off the 12" flashers, and two fly rigs off the 10' BTI's. I keep the speeds right around 1.8-2.2 gps. If you run too fast, the bait will spin like a spinnerbait. What your looking for is a looping roll, not a spinner blade like spin. Here is a fish that fell victim to a 10" Monkey Puke BTI pulling a red matching two fly rig.


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