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Last night started in 175fow at about 700pm fished till 915pm. Ended up going 5 for 7. Our best water was around 140fow off the bathhouse.

Big Weenie Big Paddle in blue and pearl with the matching fly on a high diver 225 back has been very good for us the last couple days. It took three of the five last night and also the two losses where on it.

3-Big Weenie as stated above

1-Blue spatter back S.D. with blue bubble fly on the high diver 200 back

1-Moonshine Bloody Nose w/ dots(NEW) on a rigger

This a.m. it was a slow rough ride going up to the point started in 125fow. Ended up going 4 for 6. The lake laid down as the morning went on. The bite was early and as soon as the sun got over the dunes it was extremely slow.

2-Big Weenie as stated above

1-Blue Spatter back as stated above

1-Moonshine Green glow frog plug (NEW) down 75 on a rigger

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