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Fished last night and went 5 for 5. Started fishing at 7pm. First fish came at 720pm. Had four in the boat by 810pm. Ran out to 175 fow and put it on a NE troll First fish came in about 185fow and the last of the first four in 195fow. Last king came in 135fow at 910pm as we where pulling lines.

3-High Diver 225 back Big Weenie blue and pearl big paddle with matching fly.

1-High Diver 225 back Blue Bubble S.D. with Blue Bubble fly.

1-85 down on a rigger w/ the new Moonshine Flounder Pounder plug.

This morning we went 4 for 5. Alot of 10-15 fish coolers at the cleaning station at the city marina though.

2-High Diver 225 back with the Big Weenie set-up mentioned above.

1-Full Core M.D. Spin Dr. w/green fly

1-Low Diver 125 back with 11" UV S.D. W/ Mirage fly

Missed another on the high diver. Had several drive-bys that never hooked up.

Last night up in the 03 and 32's the water was 71deg. 105 ft. down. Down in the 00's and 34's it was 50deg. 90 down.

This morning the break seemed to have moved in a little. 50 deg. down 80 out near 01.5 and 32.

Am going to try and get out this evening if I can talk the wife into driving. I have worn my dad out and he needs a night off(wimp).He would have never given me a night off back in the day(not that I would of taken it anyways). Will try and report tomorrow



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