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Why I have not been here


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Almost no one here knows about the experience I had on my way from my home in Ohio to the South Towns Walleye Assoc. Tourney back in June.

Well I am finally able to relate the story to my friends here.

On Wednesday, got the boat out of storage, and took it to Rich's house for cleaning etc. We gave it a good cleaning, and then reworked the top end of the engine. New head, with valve job done, shaved etc. Got the engine running, and this thing would idle down to 500 rpm ! I figured about a 1 mph troll.

We finished up all the stuff we wanted to do, installed riggers, electronics, rod holders, etc.

Friday am, I left for NY @ Barcellona for a week of tourney fishing.

Well, at approx. 9am my whole world turned to crap!



The only thing that we (and the fire dept.) can figure is there was an electrical short someplace in the system.

I was in such a state, I managed to call Alan Chase (fenceman2ac) and he came to PA, at the fire site and helped me get my composer back.

We found a place to store the remains, till the insurance co. could arrange pickup.

So, now you guys and girls know the rest of the story as to why I have not been here for some time.

Since this has happened, the insurance company has come thru with flying colors !

I have found and purchased another boat.

This one is a 25' Luhr's with a 10' beam. and is set up for fishing.

Has a hard top with fly bridge, Cisco Riggers and rod holders, Raymarine A65 color fish finder chart plotter combo, Lowrance LMS 350A fish finder gps combo, Moor sub troll with probe. Vhf marine radio, and all the safety equipment. Will add pictures soon as I can.

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Sorry to hear about the fire. Good thing you were not on the water when it happened.

Many years ago in my bass fishing days, I had just finished up a day of prefishing, put the boat on the trailer and headed down the road. I happened to look back in the mirror, and saw smoke coming from the boat. I stopped the truck, grabbed a fire extinguisher, opened the hatch and put the fire out. I got lucky, and escaped with very minor damage. I had a marina put a jack plate on the boat earlier in the year. I never caught it, but the steering cable was rubbing against the positive terminal of the battery after the installation of the jack plate. Eventually it rub through the coating on the steering cable and shorted out causing the fire. The only thing that needed replacement was the battery and the steering cable. The marina took care of me.

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