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Whitehall 7-17 PM Trip.

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Took a ride to the lake looked fishable so a couple of calls later and we were off. Had lines set at 6:30pm and fishied til 9:30pm worked 110fow to 70fow with 115fow being good early and 70 fow later. It started fast with a double one cooper and the othe on rigger with flasher fly. The first fish was netted the second one i missed the first wrapped around the rigger calbe and snap:eek:. and away he went, OR 15 min later i was changing up baits and started to bring up the rigger and it was acting and running slow then all of a sudden i was a flasher and then i saw the fish. I put the boat in neutral and netted the fish:thumb: Super cool due the fact that combo has been on fire. Ended the night 5 for 8 here is the rest of the progam: All fish on NORTH Troll.

1) 150 ft cooper FS Smashed Bananna 9 lbs King 115 fow

2) Rigger 70ft down Sigg Rigs flasher and Siggs sour apple fly 12lb king 115fow

3) 150 ft cooper FS Smashed Bananna 10lbs King 120fow

4) 150 ft cooper FS Smashed Bananna 8lbs Steelhead 120fow

5) Missed 55ft down Brads cut plug 110 fow

6) Missed 50ft down MS Carmal Dolphin 45ft down 70 fow

7) Rigger 65ft down 8" white e-chip paddle & Siggs mirage fly 10lb king 70 fow

8) Missed 45ft down Silver Horde Green Plaid Plug 70fow.

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