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Went 5 for 7 from 6 to 9:30pm on Motion Show. A decent cooler of fish. Largest fish was 15lb 1oz. Average weight was over 11lbs. Glad the lake decided to lay down. Overall it was a great night on the boat. Thanks Shane.

We fished 65fow with all fish coming on a south troll. The 2 we lost got off with 5 foot jumps out of the water (1st loss was craigs christmas on a fixed slider 45 down, 2nd loss was on wire diver back 120). Glow wonderbread spoon on DR took 3 of the 5 set at 65. Wonderbread j-plug on 300 copper and mountaindew flasher and green fly on full core took the other 2. Lost a board and a full copper set up...board has our number on it if anyone finds it :)

We even had to clear lines at one point and shut the engine off. Lost about 20 minutes plus on that adventure. We took a plastic bag over the water intakes that spiked the engine temps. I would like to think that failing the bag incident we may have had at least one additional fish.


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