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Billy V

Billy V Sodus Point 7/5 w/ pics

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Today Tim, Jay, Gump and I fished for a few hours out of Sodus Point. We worked some way deep water looking for colder water and bigger fish than there has been inside the past few days. We found 42 degrees down 90' out over 350-600 FOW but only a few marks and those were down 300' or more. I ran a rigger out 350' for a good chunk of the morning but it never took a shot. We did OK out there but never lit them up - it was just a steady pick for us today. It sounded like the better bite was in 100-180 FOW this morning. Our 400' copper pulling a DW SS Midnight Special took several fish today, as did a NK Mixed Veggies fished off of our 90' rigger as a free slider. We also had the NK Die Hard, and DW SS Glow Frog take shots today. The Mixed Veggies took our biggest steelhead of the trip at just over 10 lbs:


A Green Double Crush Glow Spinny/Sigg's Green Hypnotist fished off of our 400' Diver took our biggest fish of the day, a 20 lb King that fought like he was a 35 lb'er.


It was mostly a spoon bite for us today. The fleas were terrible - maybe the worst I've ever seen - especially when we were fishing the inside, warmer water. Even though it wasn't fast & furious we still had a great time and are all looking forward to the Oswego Pro-Am this coming weekend.

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