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Billy V Family Fun 6/27 Sodus Point

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Today we took the kids out for a mid-day troll in front of Sodus Point. We got a late start and finally left the dock at Krenzer's at 11:30am and ran out to 150 FOW and set up. Right away we began hooking up with small Kings - lots of them - and they were perfect sizes for the boys to enjoy. It was a spoon bite for us and pretty much any spoon that we put in the water took fish for us today. The DW Superslim Da Shiznit, Green Alewife, Glow Frog, and Midnight Special all took fish as did the Northern King Sea Sick Waddler, Gold NBK, and Die Hard. It was a rigger bite for us today - 90-125' down. Best speeds for us were 2.8-3.1 mph on our Cannon IntelliTroll. Here's a few pics of the boys having fun with today's fish:





We never did get a major bite today, although we only gave it about 2 hours right in the middle of the afternoon - not exactly prime fishing hours. But the boys had a lot of fun and the fish & sun wore them out!


We'll be back out to give it a more serious shot next weekend and I'll be sure to post a report then too.

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If it was just me out there I would have been disappointed with the fishing. But then again I would have been out there at 5am and stayed all day rather than starting at 11:30am and staying out for 2 hours or so. Days like that make me realize that its not the size or number of fish that matters to the kids. It's having an adventure with Mom & Dad that's so important to them. Kind of puts it back in perspective a little bit for me.

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