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Fisherman Loses $900,000 Marlin


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Fisherman loses $900,000 marlin to a technicality. A North Carolina fisherman who caught a record setting marlin in a fishing tournament off the coast lost his fish - to a $5 fishing license.

Boat owner Michael Topp says his crewmembers all told him they were licensed, but one of them actually was not. And that cost the whole team the record win at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament on June 14.

The fish? The big blue marlin weighed in at 883 pounds.

A post-contest lie detector test routed out the lout.

Below is a video clip of the big win being weighed, before they found out that their extra crew-hand had lost them the contest. It takes no less than three men to lift their haul to be weighed. Amazing!


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