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We fished in Ohio waters from NW to north of West Sister Island in 27 to 30 ft of water. My buddy any I got our Ohio limit of 12. We trolled copper backed spoons most of the morning on diver discs off boards 90 and 100 ft back and off riggers on the bottom. A green streak with pink dots was the best spoon. When we had a slow spell, I pulled a board line and put out a 3 color core with a 1/2 pound weight and blue and chrome hot n tot. I dropped the weight 20 ft off the rod tip and put it in a diver holder. It took 4 fish. When that started to go, I pulled a rigger and put a black and chrome hot'n'tot down 19 ft and it took a couple fish. Good luck!

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please help me understand why you use the divers and planar boards. Can't you just use different ounces of in-lines to achieve the same depth effect as using the dipsy's?

Yes you can. I use big jon mini diver disks off boards, not full size dipsey divers. They don't pull any harder than an in-line weight and I like the presentation. When you hit a walleye on a diver disk, it tends to pull them higher in the water column when reeling them in so you don't snag adjacent lines. Sometimes I think the diver disk 3 ft in front of a mini spoon works as an attractant, especially in murky water. You could use in-lines the same way, just a personal preference for me with the diver disks. My buddies run the same program too so we can also match presentations if they are hitting on something good. I use planer boards to spread out and run more lines. Didn't matter on this day since it was two of us and only 4 rods in Ohio. We ran one board with 2 mini divers and 2 riggers. If I was in Mi waters with 3 rods and a bigger crew, we can run 6-8 rods off our planer boards and I have 4 riggers on the boat if needed. We do sometimes run regular diver rods on occasion off the sides of the boat.

Eric, the weeds weren't bad there on Sunday, lot's of mayfly husks. There was a very big pack of boats another mile or two farther east but we never got into it. Our numbers were 48's and 8's.

Matt, I'm coming up to Ludington this weekend, been up there a lot working on my new place in Tamarac but I've been working and not fishing. Are you going to be up this weekend fishing? More of the same for me but the end of work is in site. It's crimped my spring fishing and walleye fishing but will be worth it. I'm bringing the boat up 4th of July or the following weekend at the very latest. Then it's all play and no work!

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