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Olcott 6-19-10 - summer fishing has started

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After taking the last three weeks off, based on some of the reports this week, we gave it a shot this morning. Got to the marina at 0600 and had rods in the water around 0630.

Steady action all morning, ended up 8/16 when the lake started to get snotty and we pulled lines at 0900. Had a bad case of the dropsies this morning. Kings, cohos and steelhead. Slightly West to straight out in front of harbor in 200-300 fow, North/South trolls.

All rigs were working and all 6 rods in the spread took fish today (gotta love when that happens).

Deep rigger at 95 with a green double crush glow spinny and green and chart Atommik fly (sorry, don't remember the pattern off the top of my head) went a couple times.

Shallow rigger at 70 with a gator SS on the main line and NBK SS on the free slider went a bunch of times, both on the main spoon and the slider (a lot of our drops were on this rod, probably slider bites).

Wire diver with green dolphin protroll and matching Atommik fly at 180 on a 2 fired twice (one was a hit and run not counted in the bite total above).

Power Pro Diver at 165 on a 1.5 went once with a nuclear green spinny and blue glow hammer Atommik.

200' copper took a nice coho on 6" red double crush spinny and green/blue/silver peanut/coho type fly (homemade).

400' copper with green double crush glow Opti Inticer and green Krinkle Atommik took a nice 9+ lb steelie.

Doubled up


9+ lb steelie


Some of the evidence of the piscatorial bedlam that ensued this morning


5 shaker kings caught and released, 4 clipped 1 wild.

16 bites in 2.5 hrs, great start to the summer fishing at Olcott, Hope it lasts all season.


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Thanks guys,

no big guys this trip (though that steelie was awful nice) but it was great to have the rods popping like that after the last two trips out back in May (skunked on 1 trip and an 18 mile run from Olcott to the Niagara Bar for 3 small coho the other).

Wish we could have stayed out, because the fish kept biting, but the other two on the boat, my dad and my friend Dave are both in their 70's and couldn't take the pounding once the seas built.


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