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Ashtabual, Ohio 06/08/2010

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Hi all,

We hit the 2:30 pm draw bridge, motored north to 45 feet of water and started to set up trolling north around 3 pm. Jet 40's back 65 feet, jet 30's back 35 feet. Hit some fish in about 50-55 feet of water, then just worked the area. Running stinger scorpions on the jets. Best trolling direction was North & South at about 2mph. We ended up with 9 walleye, lost 3, and 2 white perch. We pulled lines at 7 pm so we didn't do too bad for 4 hours of trolling. Heard some good info a little farther west by Geneva, same depth. Perch bite was fair from what I heard, 41 feet of water just a little east of the ashtabula light house, and about 41 feet of water north of Kingsville.

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Good job and thanks for the report. Looks like you might be talking Jon into a walleye trip in his new hometown:)

it won't be long, mid July I should start to have time, When our house sells we plan to move into Vermilion, OH. Nice smaller town that would remind folks from West MI of Pentwater.

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