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Walleye June 1, 2010 AuGres.

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Paperboy, Larry D, Tom D, and myself pulled 18 eyes out of the Bay just off AuGres. Those guys got their limits so I guess I was slacking. We ran bouncers and harnesses @ 1.5 mph. Glows were working well. We fished from 32-37 FOW. I didn't have my camera and Paperboy is supposed to email a pic. AuGres is NOT as hot as the S. part of the Bay. The fishing and the weather is a tad different this year. Get out there and gitter done.

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Nice work boys....Seems the fish are already going deep.

Even 2008 and 2009 when it was cooler the game off AuGres was usually deep. Of course there were some exceptions. AuGres plays just slightly different. The air and water temps are definitely hotter this year. If this trend continues the inner bay will slow and the waters N. of AuGres will shine. Tawas and Oscoda are good bets when that happens. Gotta Luv what we have going here on the bay. I know the Bomber does.:)

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Hey Frank, there are 2 hogs Tom is always looing for. :) I haven't heard of anyone finding it. I haven't gone out of LBM yet. I do know another guy that hit the same thing the same day only I hit it good. Nels

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I wanted to pass along another new thing from my trip last weekend. An old-timer from Detroit told me to bleed the walleye after catching them while still alive so that all the blood gets pumped out by the fish while they are still alive.

He said they are so much nicer to clean because you don't have all the blood coming out. Also, the flesh remains absolutely pearl white and improves the taste since blood stained flesh tends to add the fishy taste to all fish.

And I have to say after cleaning 30+ walleyes this weekend and eating a few fresh caught Monday night, I completely agree with him. I had absolutely no blood during fish cleaning and I had never seen such white filets before in my life. The taste of fresh ones bled and eaten the same day was the best!

Here's the method. You keep a 5 gallon pail on the boat and fill with about 1/3 fill of water when you are ready to bleed them. After catching the fish you start at the top of the gills and cut along the cheek until you get right at the bottom. But watch out! depending how fast you do this after they are caught, blood sprays out and can catch on your clothes.

I preferred to bleed mine a little bit after catching them so I could first re-set my lines and get the troll back on. I would just put them on ice for a few minutes and then when the mayhem stopped and we were back to trolling waiting for bites, I would then go in the cooler, cut them, then toss them in the bucket to allow them to pump water through their gills and excrete all the blood. After a couple minutes I put them back in the cooler and threw the bloody water back overboard.

I will always do this from now on, the result are so worth the small effort during fishing.

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