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Awesome weekend fishing

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I just found this forum right before leaving for Bay City and my first multi-day trip targeting walleye in the Bay. As an accomplished walleye guy from D-town, I brought all my harnesses colors and techniques learned over years of jigging the detroit river and trolling western basin of lake Erie.

However, after reading all the posts last week, I had the idea that all my traditional colors (chartruse/chartruse, orange/gold, red/silver,etc) might not be the right combo's.

Seemed everyone was catching on purple and pink harnesses. We got out on the water late Friday night to horrible 3-4 rolling whitecaps, set up some traditional color harnesses and got nothing. Came back in pretty quick and with some time to kill before dark headed up to Linwood to check our the campground and Franks tackle shop.

At Franks I noticed the 'new hot colors;' they were promoting just at Franks and bought purple, pink and blue translucent beads that seemed to glimmer in the sunlight way different than the traditional solid colors I used. I also bought some shiny purple and pink blades as well as firetiger blades.

I made up a dozen or so harnesses: purple/purple, pink/pink, and blue/silver, firetiger/white floaters+glow-in-the dark beads. All blades were #4 colorado hammered blade style. Headed out to the fireplug and started trolling, sometimes heading over to a pack of boats or just on our own. We found a channel of fish just southeast of fireplug and marked spots when we got bites. Soon I had a linear line of fish and I just trolled though that area time and time again all weekend.

Ended up limiting out Sat and Sun but not Monday, due to the two storms that came through - although we got 4 fish Monday from 7:30-9:00 am so I know we would've gotten our 3 man limit that day as well!

Overall I found the majority of the fish were caught when trolling with the current over waypoints I marked when we caught fish. ALL THE FISH came on my new harnesses - NO fish on ones I brought with me. Purple/purple and pink/pink hit the best, but blue and hammered silver blades would have done the same had I used it more. The first day firetiger hit well, but only got one on the same setup the next day.

In conclusion (sorry for the long report!), I wanted to thank all of you posters for your excellent information and wanted to give back by letting you all know exactly what I did to catch more walleye over a 3 day period than I ever have in my life. I am definitely coming back this year and plan to book a 'fish camp' trip for me and my buddies every year from now on!

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