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Billy V Report - Wilson May 22nd w/pics

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The fishing had been tough in the days leading up to our trip so I was hopeful that the Kings would cooperate for us today. We managed to hook up with a half dozen good fish and a handful of smaller fish, but we just couldn't hang onto the bigger fish - we had a bad case of the "drops" today - ugh! Even still, Tori managed to boat her first-ever Lake Ontario King and she did a great job playing it all the way to the net. Here she is with the big fish of the day:


That fish took a Dreamweaver Super Slim Midnight Special, which has undoubtedly been one of our hottest spoons this spring. Here's a shot of that spoon just in case you're wondering what it looks like:


While we only boated a handful of fish today and most of them were throwback dinks, we did manage to get the number of bites we were after and we had a ball playing several really big fish. We had three or four fish rip line and disappear after a lengthy run, we dropped a really good King right at the back of the boat, and we even had a plump steelhead wrap itself around our wire divers before it eventually got off. Sometimes that's just how fishing goes - Disappointing for sure, but we still had a great day out on the Big Pond with good friends.

Today's best rigs were the aforementioned Midnight Special fished off of a rigger down 45', the JV Cheerleader fished off of a Walker Deeper Diver out 180' on a .5 setting, a Green Dot Spinny/Sigg's Billy V Glow Ghost fly fished off of a Deeper Diver out 300' on a 2.5 setting. Best down speed was 2.8mph on our new Cannon IntelliTroll. Water temps were 49-54 degrees down 50' or so and we worked just West of Wilson in 120-220 FOW.

We've enjoyed our run of charters out of Wilson, but now my wife and kids get their chance to come up and get in on the fun. We'll be in Wilson for three days next weekend and I'm sure that we'll make some time to fish a bit, albeit at a more relaxed pace than when we're out with our charters. This is always one of my favorite weekends of the year because I get to share the amazing spring fishery that I love so much with the people who I love the most and who make it possible for me to pursue my passion. This is my way of thanking them for everything that they do for me, and I'm really looking forward to it. After this coming weekend we'll be fishing both of the West End Pro-Am's, then heading back to Krenzer's in Sodus Point for some much needed time off before we get back after it with the East End Pro-Am's.

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