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Was joined by DIRTY DOG, Bob, and his son Bobbie today. Made some adjustments to the program from the day before and ended up 13 for 16.

Dropped in at 80FOW this morning, and we worked 90-120FOW most of the day. Ended up with 2 lake trout, 4 coho, and 7 chinook. We put our big fish on the scale and it weighed 14.8lbs.

Caught one fish on a wire diver set at 150 with a Stinger prochip 8 with a Siggs Rigs Billy V Glow Ghost fly.

Caught one fish on a wire diver set at 175 with a Stinger hotchip 11, double pearl fish scale with a Siggs Rigs Brushed Stainless fly.

Cauth one on a tin can with a Siggs Rigs Bluegreen Hypnotist fly on a rigger parked at 80'.

The rest of the fish were caught on Stinger stingray size baits.

Blue dolphin on a rigger parked at 40'(Went multiple times)

Killer dolphin on a rigger parked at 60'(Went 1 time)

Metallic Frog on a free slider on a rigger parked at 80'(Went 1 time)

Blue dolphin on a full core(Went multiple times)

Mixed veggies on a half core(Went multiple times)

Killer tangerine on a half core(Went multiple times)

Double orange crush on a 3 color core(Went 1 time)

Craigs x-mas on a 2 color core(Went multiple times)

Some wheres out there, there is a full core with a church walleye board with "GLF" and my phone number on it. :(

This is Bob with his 14.8lb chinook.


Thanks for coming along guys! :thumb:

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