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Well DeAnna has made us proud parents.

Our son arrived at 5:28 this morning May 11, 2010.

He is a healthy 7lbs 4 oz, 20 inches.

He is the rare red headed bread (at least for now).

Mike wondered if I would be on the water this weekend.

While I would love to, one first weekend with the boy will be amazing.

We hope to have a pole in his hands soon.

We are already training him to responde to "FISH ON".

Turned his head the first time, but I have to say it was just likely due to the sound in general.

All I know is we have extra poles in the water now. HAHAHA.



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Congratulations Mark! Glad to hear Deana, and William are doing well. I kept waiting for a picture to show up as a text message yesterday and it never showed. :(


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Congratulations on your new baby. You think things are great now, well, wait until later...when that baby smiles because he recognizes you...I think every dad can agree it’s a wonderful feeling words can't describe. I think heaven must be a little bit like that.

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