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Headed to St Joe, MI

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I am headed to St. Joe next weekend. This is my fishing trip to the area as my daughter just bought a house in the area. I am looking for any recommendations and tips for launches, spots to fish and things to watch out for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Two public launches in the area, the St Joe city launch on the island, which is in the flow of the river, so you have the current to deal with: and the DNR launch in Benton Harbor which is protected from the current (but some folks have had things stolen in the parking lot, I've not had any problems).

The river is in good shape right now, but there are sand bars to watch out for. One sandbar area is in front of the launches, just follow another boat to see the main channel. No issues once you get past the first bridge, other than watch out for the dredging going on, but their pipe is well marked and wasn't in the way as of Friday.

Best fishing right now is out in 80-120 foot of water, I'd start straight out from the pier heads and go from there. Fish are being found at many depths using riiggers, divers, core, wire and flatlines, all seem to be working.

Good luck, I should be out on Saturday if the wind doesn't blow us off again.

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If the weather is right then take a 300 off the pier to 60' of water. you will want to be set up by no later then 7.00 am. Turn the boat west-southwest and cover the water colum, the surface down to 10' off the bottom. Stay on that troll just keep zig zagging out twords deeper water by 10 am. Keep working out. When you find fish stay more paralell to the shore. when you get out of them work out a little more. Surface lines. Swr, half core, full core and copper all on boards, wire dipsey 60 to 80' back early and as the day goes on work them back to where they get hits, riggers top 40-50' on outside,and bottom riggers on the inside with my deep swr with dolphin, Flasher fly on the wire, and the swr surface, thin fins on the surface, spoons on everything else. That is how I would tacke the Joe this time of year. The launches are exactly were Glynn said they were.

Good luck. Might see ya down there that day. :thumb:

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