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Linwood 5-6-2010

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This was my first time out of LBM. First off, I liked the Marina. It seemed well laid out and the bait shop was well stocked and the people were nice. I also like the fish cleaning station. It is very nice to have a place to clean your catch.

Which, by the way, brings up another point...fish. We launched at about 0930 and went straight east for about 3-4 miles and dropped lines in 16fow. It was pretty rough but we had our first fish within 10 minutes. In total we went 7 for 11. Not very big only 2-4 pounds, but fun none the less.

As soon as the wind stopped (about 1230), so did the fish.

Caught them on 2 oz. bottom bouncers off the boards and color did not matter. Speed was about 1.9 but it was very difficult to get accurate reading with the waves throwing us around.

I freakin dropped my new line counter rod and reel into the water, but luckily the board caught another board and I was able to retrieve it (just barely). And to make it even more difficult, I had a fish hit the line and had to net him while trying to reel in my gear (yes it was the same line that my gear was tangled with).

So, it was a very nice day out on the water, got 7 fish, lost no gear, and had a blast.

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Wow Paul, reading your post was like Deja Vu...I dropped a brand new line counter rod/reel overboard last year while fishing at Holloway, and I thought the pole was lost....then a fish hit on another rod....as I reeled in I noticed a line tangled on mine, and low and behold: it was my new rod!

Good job for a day trip though...I usually head out VERY early, and STOP fishing around 9:30 am because the bite slows.

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