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Speed and Temp Sensors


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I bought a speed and temp unit late last fall. havent had a chance to use it, but I know Dave and Mark both have them and from i saw fishing with them, well worth the $$. especially later in the season when your searching for the thermoclines.

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I use a speed and temp. It is the most important piece of electronics on my boat for catching fish.

Although the temp is a very important factor, the speed is what is most critical because it shows me the deeper currents and speeds which can be hugely different from the top or middle depths of the water column.

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I have the Bud light unit,

What I do is, send a beer bottle down with my ball and then take the reading when I drink it. When it is gone then you send it back down and the fish will follow the bud light sent to your lures.

Bud Light Unite,


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