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The DAS had their first tournament of the year at Lexington this weekend. The fishing was great, catching not so much. We pre-fished Friday, just two of us on board, we set up north of the harbor in 15 FOW and trolled north starting around 7:00 AM. We trolled for five hours without a hit. I zig zagged from 15 to 45 FOW until we reached Port Sanilac. We were in 45 FOW just north of the PS port entrance when a rigger set 25 down with a 100 foot stretch went off with a double orange crush Super Slim spoon at 12:07 PM. We landed a nice Laker that weighed 6 pounds on my digital hand held scale. Shortly after landing that fish another rigger went off with a green spoon dolphin Super Slim that was set 17 down with a 100 + foot stretch in 35 FOW on a NW troll at 12:20 PM, we netted a little bit bigger Laker that weighed in at 8.2 pounds. In 25 FOW on the same NW troll a board took off with a perch color jointed J-11 on a two color core rod. This fish weighed in at 8.8 pounds, again another Laker. All three fish were released unharmed. We decided at that point we had our Laker spot for the tournament and pulled the four riggers and two boards to make the ten mile ride back to Lexington. Seas were relatively calm at one foot or less.

Saturday we awoke to temps in the mid forties which was a welcome change from the mid-thirties of the morning before. Our game plan was then to fish in front of Lexington to see what we could make happen and then make the run to Sanilac latter. As we broke the pier head I received a call from a fellow club member, Vicki’s Seacret, that he was experiencing motor problems and needed a tow. I asked him to put an anchor out that we would come over to get him once the sun came up. I did not want to make a tow in the dark. We fished for about 45 minuets without so much as a knock off so we trolled over to a club boat in distress and hooked him up for the tow. We had about a 1.5 mile trip back to port where we got the disabled boat into the boat launch dock and headed back out for our tournament.

We decided to run to Sanilac and set up there. At the 9:00 AM fish call two boats reported one fish each, Hard Top & Tails and Almost Paradise, the remainder of the fleet reported no fish in the box.

I received a phone call from a pal that had been fishing the week before and he suggested we put down a trash can dodger and metallic green spin & glow. We did just that, 2 foot off the bottom with a 114 ft stretch, it was down less that 2 minuets when it went off with a nice 8 pound Laker. Our one and only fish for the day.

All boats pulled lines at 2 and were in the weigh in line by 3:00 PM. 4 boats weighed fish, the first place boat, Bad Dog (Puppy) had 4 Lakers caught in 76 FOW banging bottom with a dodger and spin & glow, the second place. Almost Paradise, boat had one Laker and a small Coho, the third place boat, Bobby’s Toy and fourth place boat, Hard Top & Tails, had one fish, ours was a half pound bigger, thus giving us a third place finish. The remainder of the boats had no fish.

Next week we are off to St Joe where hopes are high for better catching than what we experienced at Lexington.

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Team RiverRat fished lexington Friday we got 7lbs coho 19 fow off planner 200 back firetiger J-11 3 mph just south of harbor stayed in that are from 6:30 til 7:45 moved to 10 fow got 5 lbs king same lure worked the grid for a hour had 1 release saw fish jump and wave it tail BYE!! moved north of harbor trolled 10-12 fow all long lines got 2 more kings 5-7 lbs that was it in by 12:00

the fish are there super clean water does not help long lines and stay away from other boats and you should do good... This weekend I think the fish will turn on the water is dirty try 40-50 fow 10-20 down after you cruise the shore then head out towards the Regina for some great laker action and drop riggers down to 70 feet

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