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to most this isnt going to mean any thing but most of my reg people who on here have my cell number won't be able to call me on it as of today we at our household have decieced to get rid of overhead in our budget so if i gave you my cell call me on my home phone which is 616 738 1106 thank you phil

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We gave up landlines over 10 years ago cell bill is now over 100 a month landline starting to look pretty good. The cell is nice a a conveince but honestly I often look at the bills and wonder what we would do if we saved all the extra money from Cable Internet and cell phones every month. Thats a easy 200 a month we could spend fishing and having people not be able to get ahold of me some days would be a plus LOL.

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The world of the land-line is shrinking.

As that continues maintenance and usage fees will increase as well.

With cellphones we need to shop around every year or two for a better deal.

In the not too distant future cell technology will totally replace land-lines.

I went with a Blackberry and haven't looked back.

When I don't want to be reached, I simply power down my cell.

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