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st joe 4-19 afternoon

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set up just north of the junk cars had a double at the south end of the big sea wall 21 fow water

Fish 1 dipsy 3 setting 31 foot back blue/silver pro troll flasher with a blk/green/gold peanut fly- coho

Fish 2 dipsy 3 setting 28 foot back blue spin doc with a custom blue head fly- coho

fish 3 rigger 00 crome dodger with a orange custom fly (24 inch leader) 25-27 back 10 down- laker

Fish 4 flat line 125 back with brad thin fish green/churtruce with a pink spot-coho

wasnt all that bad noaa still needs alittle work on the forcast more like 2-4's with a 5-7 thrown in once in awhile

surface temp was 47.1 to 48.9 troll speed was 2.2 to 3.5 got hook-ups on both north and south trolls

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Nice work. Wait 'til I get out there with you! Tangled dipsies, rat's nests, all around fun! This spring fishing is way too easy. We need those dipsies way deep and really close to the 450 copper to make things interesting!

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