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Couldnt hunt this morning because of school but raced home and got set up behind the house. After about 30 min I did a little calling, waited a minute did a little more and then shut up. About 2 minutes later I hear drumming behind me and I start shaking like a leaf! Out pops a red head through the brush 10 yds away no chance for a shot. I can tell its the big one I have been watching a little bit recently. In the mean time a jake walks 5 yds in front of me right up to the deke and just stands there looking around. The tom got mad at the little guy for stealing his lady and made a circle and stopped 20yds away out in the wide open. I pull back and put the pin just above the little green feathers when he was in full strut broadside and let her fly! Somehow I hit too far forward and got some feathers but not a dead bird:( He then proceded to run about 200yds and gobble his head off. Sat there and listened to him for close to an hour then snuck out. Im frustrated that I dont have a dead bird but at the same time happy that hes gonna live another day hopefully! Hope everyone had a good hunt!:)

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