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After studying the wind forecast yesterday I decided to fish out of holland this morning. I left the dock at around 7:30 with Plumcrazy, Adam and Fishinmachine. We set lines in side the pier heads and trolled south nearly to Saugatuck in 15 to 20 fow with nothing to show, then turned north and worked out to 40 to 55 fow and ended up finding a good mix of fish off of the first slide.

And ended the day 8 for 8 with 2 lakers that were released, 2 browns and 4 kings witch 2 were released.

Here is the list of things that took fish.

  1. Margerita Silver Streak mini on a 2 color,this look 2 fish
  2. Org. trout patern Brads Thin Fish on a hi line 125 back this took 1
  3. Green dolphin Silver Streak Mini on a 2 color took 1
  4. Carmel Dolphin Silver Streak Mini took 2 kings on a 7 colorl
  5. And a bloody death d.w. in a super slim took 2 lakers

Well here is the pick of the box.


and one of the baits that took fish.


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Hey Dirty Dog, glad to see you found them. We saw our share of marks in 35-40 FOW on the south troll today too, but must have been just inside of the fish. Bouncy ride on way back north.

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