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Barometric pressure

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Does the Barometric pressure affect the Salmon bite? The reason I ask is because many moons ago when I was Walleye fishing with a friend of mine he would constantly cancel trips because the pressure was dropping and he said that it would turn the bite off.

It sounded crazy to me, but we always did very well and it's hard to argue with his results.

So do you guys think there is anything to this?

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I have heard many different idea on this subject but dont know if I belive all of it or not. I have heard that a Falling Barometer, especially at the point when a long period of steady high pressure begins to fall rapidly with an approaching Low pressure system, is the best time to fish. A Falling barometer is better than a Rising barometer.

One thing I will say I have found to be true most of the time for me, with all other factors also considered, fish tend to be Deeper during High Pressure and Shallower during Low Pressure.

But like a buddy of mine who is also a Charter Captain told me....."I have to catch fish everyday. Full Moon, New Moon, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Sunny, Cloudy...etc Dosent matter. Fish are catchable everyday, all day long. Its just employing the right tactic in the right place that makes the difference!"


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When the pressure is falling, for example, before a storm, the fishing is usually as good as it can possibly get. That is why so many people love to fish right before a storm is going to hit. So, there is a great example of the salmon being turned on due to falling pressure. Usually, after a storm, the fishing is slow and it takes awhile to get better again, especially if there was lightning involved.

However, a full moon is much tougher fishing than any rise or decline in the pressure, unless you fish at night. :grin: But, we always have to fish during normal fishing hours.

Just my thoughts!

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Here is a link with some pretty good info on fishing and Barometric pressure.


Also most fish have an air bubble type thing inside them(i duno what this is called). It will inflate or deflate with air depending on the pressure surrounding it. Ive been told that if this air bubble gets to inflated it will also press against the stomach of a fish,making less room for food to be stored in their bellies so they wont feel like eating. They have an artificial feeling of being full.

My old man was really a big believer in barometric pressure and fishing.

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