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I have a Baha 231 GLe and am having a 9.9 Yamaha High Thrust put on this week by Happy Days Boating. I know alot of people that have the ez-steer but know no one that has the Panther t4. I would really like to hear some different opinions on the two. I am also having the Trollmaster put on.

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Yep, and I hear it smells like Big Foots d:eek:k!

I have the old style panther, it works ok, but my 9.9 is not a high thrust so I only use it when the lake is like glass, otherwise waves and/or wind pushes me around or slows me down to much. once it gets a bit choppy its a pain to steer with the remote, I think it would be easier with the ez steer.

I docked next to a guy with a 15 hp merc on the back of his Baha 277, he had the t4 on it and said it worked good.

The ez steer is a tried and true setup, I would have run mine that way but I have a straight inboard so it just wasn't an option.

good luck, hopefully someone else who has run both setups jumps in here.

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