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Went to D & R Sports with DIRTY DOG today to pick up a rod and reel. $350 later, I made it out of the store. :(

My wife was only expecting me to spend $150. :rolleyes: Now I need to break the news to my wife. :eek:

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Well,? Whadya get?....

What did I get?

10' Okuma Convector dipsey rod - medium action - Will be used as a mono diver.

Okuma Convector CV-30D reel - Will be used as a mono diver.

Two 440 yard spools of 30lb Big Game Green - This is for the 2 mono divers I am setting up.

Two 27lb Mason double core spools. These will be split up between full cores, half cores, 2 and 3 color leadcores.

Two 300 yard Power Pro 30lb test

Two #0 dipsey divers

3 packs of P-line swivels

its easier to ask forgiveness than permission!

Thats what I was planning on. ;)

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My wife was really funny at the Grand Rapids show. She was almost more excited at all the great deals then I was. Believe it or not, i'm actually the one who kept our spending limited!

Side note: Going to the GR show was just a bonus during our boat shopping adventure. I definitely plan on making it an annual event!

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Mike, Ya need to have a little $ in the rat hole just for these occasions.:lol:

I had a c-note stuffed in the rat hole, and applied it to the purchase. After she found out only $250 came out of our account, she was more happy. ;)

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I know how you feel! I live just up the street and I think I am at that place just about as much as my own house. Then once I do go there a bunch of my friends work there so I turn a 5 minute quick get something trip into a 1 and a half long talk about fishing!

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