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Now introduceing the DIRTY DOG II, formerly known as the OFF DUTY from south haven.

It is a 1989 starcraft Ilander 221v powered by a 4.3l omc cobra,

I equipped her with 2 cannon mag 10hs riggers, 2 vector triple rod holders , a pair of burts triple rod trees and a humingbird 797ci graph.

All thats left to do is a oil change , and watch out st. joe here I come. COHOS BE WARE IM COMEING AFTER YA THIS FRIDAY :thumb::grin:



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Terry your gonna like the power that boat will have we have the same engine and outdrive on our 23 foot glass boat with four onboard and a full load of fuel(75 gal) she tops out at 35 mph on the gps,infact it pulled out of the hole so good that last year when we dinged the prop in snug harbor we upped the pitch from 19 to 21 currious to see how much difference that will make.anyway good looking boat congrats

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The Dog is Lookin Good. She's a good lookin dog, and I know you can train her to hunt. Gotta Luv dem SC islanders. :):thumb:

I never was aboard the old dog, but gracious Terry has already invited me to step onto the new dog. Watch out Manistee.:)

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nice boat. about how long does it take to get to st joe from grand rapids area trailering a boat.

from gr area to st joe is about an hour if you run down 96 to 94

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