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Locked and Loaded!!


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I finished cleaning all my tackle today and I figured I would post a few pics. Since different ports around the Great Lakes have such a difference in what people like to run, especially with spoons, here are the spoons I like to run on Lake Superior and Northern Lake Michigan.

These are my Stud Spoons. These 3 pads of spoons get 95% of the water time on my boat. Why I have 4 other tackle boxes full of spoons is beyond me! I think I could actually pick my top 10 and never even need any more. Sometimes having to many choices will just confuse you on the water.

Anything Look Familiar???

This is my Lake Trout pad. If I had to, I could get by with 10 Greasy Chicken Wings and catch Lake Trout every day around here. There are always 2 or more in the water behind my boat :)


My Best Salmon Spoons. Same here. Give me 5 "Old Yellers" and 5 "Green Dolphins" and I could get by just fine! ;)


And here are my Go-TO Glows. I fish glow spoons all day long. Not just in the morn/eve. My best mid-day set-up for big Kings is 5 Meat Rigs, 2 on wire divers and 3 on riggers, and 1 Mag Moonshine Wonderbread on an SWR just below the deepest Meat Rig, also on a rigger.


Here is the same set "after dark"!


I figured this may help some guys who were interested what other people run. I am NOT saying these are THE best spoons, I am saying they are MY best spoons. :thumb:


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John, when I get some more Sunshine Superman IIs, I will order you some extras(I am down to one). Yours are looking long in the tooth! Did you do better overall last year with Magnums or smaller sizes last year on Northern Lake Michigan? Stick a JJ Macmuffin in that glow pad, it will be a standout.

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I love the Supermans!! Especially in Fairport!

I had more fish on Magnums last year by far.(For Kings) Though I also fished spoons a lot less last year because I started using a "Meat" spread quite a bit. 3-5 Meat Rigs with 1 or 2 spoons mixed inbetween. Then my Steelie gear out on the boards. With the "big fish" derbys we fish, I have tried to forget about numbers and concentrate on size! Big Boys LOVE the Meat ;)

When targeting strictly Steelies, its all standard Maulers, all the time! :thumb:

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