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2 Man limit Manistee 3/21

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Unfortunately it took us 8hrs to get the limit.:eek:

Very slow for us yesterday.

Launched the boat about noon and with all the trucks in the parking lot we figured the immediate area got hit pretty hard in the morning so we decided to motor all the way south to Sable Point. Got to the point and put it on a north troll and set lines. It took us about 8 hrs to troll the 12 miles back to the pier and we went 6-7, all browns in the 2-5lbs range. No real hot spot. we averaged a fish about every 1.5 hrs. 2 fish came on the downriggers with a spoon that I have no idea who makes it, had it for years and never used it, but it's medium size and reddish pink. I will try and remember to take a pic of it today and post it. 2 fish came on orange firetiger rapala and 2 came on a green and chrome thin fin. The fish we missed hit a jointed firetiger rapala.

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very nice Matt what was the surface temp u had?

Thanks guys.

Matt, we had 42.3 deg when we set up at Sable Point and 44.2 8 hrs later at the pier. I believe this was just normal daytime warming cause we never really hit any spots that varied temp much. It just gradually warmed as we trolled north. To be honest I was suprised things were so slow. Other than the sun being out, conditions were pretty good. Had a nice little chop on the water and the water had a pretty good stain to it out to about 15fow. From the point to the pier, the clearest water was about 4-5' of visability, and that was more towards the point.

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