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engine mount trolling motor

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I was thinking about one for a couple of years. My boat does OK, but I only have a 140 4 cylinder in my 22 Islander. The extra weight of the batteries and the unit is a factor for me. The weight would be right where I don't need it. Of course the $$$ was another consideration. If the weight wasn't a concern for me, I would have probably had one by now. I know some people that have them, and they work well for them. Speed control and stealth are the BIG pluses.:)

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Allot of the walleye guys use units like that on "walleye boats" like Rangers, Lunds etc. They troll crawlers and stick baits with them at low speeds down wave. You can fish all day doing that. Those rigs have lots of batteries, some dedicated just the trolling motor, along with onboard chargers...Its not something your gonna use to troll salmon speeds or pull cranks for eyes with all day long up and down any kind of waves. So, you gotta ask yourself what you plan to use it for before making the investment. The more you crank the speed up, the more juice they pull. Just something to consider.

Good luck with your decision.

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I run one on my walleye boat and it is primarily for slow speeds, under 1.2 mph. My 9.9 kicker is a better option for long days of trolling at higher speeds. High speed trolling would wipe out my three batteries before the day ended.

Take care,

Jim O

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I've looked at those and the trim tab mounted units. Both seem to be good systems. I'm just looking for a way to control my drift speed and boat position on a 28' boat. I wouldn't consider them as a kicker motor alternative for Salmon fishing. What is your intended use?

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