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Brown trout happening in Frankfort

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Got out late Sat. afternoon and had a fantastic day on the water. Went 13 for 15 all brown trout with the biggest being 5 lbs. Fish came in the shallows on Bombers B14's and B15's, Challenger JR. minnows, and F11 Rapalas..Water temp was 39 to 42 degrees and when you found the 42 degrees you found the fish. Worst part was we had one that looked to be about 15 lbs spit the Yozuri at the net... My best start to the brown season in the last 10 years....

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We are trolling at 2.5 to 2.8 gps speed. I know it sounds fast but I spent alot of time in the 1.8 to 2.2 range with no takers. We increased speed and starting popping fish.

We got out this evening and went 6 for 7 with 3 steelies and 3 browns. Wasn't as good as Sunday but still pretty decent fishing.

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