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Niagara River 3/8/2010

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Well today was a first for me, got a chance to fish the lower Niagara River @ Lewiston for trout.

Was a really cool trip. With dodging the icebergs, and 35 degree water temps. and the wind @ 20 mph (burr)

And of course no trip would be complete without a visit from the Boarder Patrol. (Not there to see us)

They came after the nut job that crossed the river from Canada in the 5 foot rubber raft, with plastic paddles. See picture.


Here is a few pictures of my friends, Bob and Allen, as we were making one of the drifts.



Here is another of the area that the guy came across the river, that is the Lewiston- Queenston Bridge in the back ground.


Here is the only fish taken today. Nice trout just full of skeine.


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