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cabo san lucas, mexico

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We planned to head out 40 miles this morning for some yellow fin tuna because the marlin have been really slow but the marlin had other plans for today! We were just getting ready start motoring around lands end and we saw the first marlin. We spooled out live big eye...bam! Fight is on and spits the hook, so dissapointed thinking it was going to be our only shot. Next we hit a 35 lb mahi mahi and put it in the box!then another marlin and wouldn't you know it........I'm down in the head. My fiance fights for 45 min with it and we boat it! This fish weighed in 30 lbs heavier than she is!! Two more missed marlin and I finally got my chance. That is one feisty fish! Boated our second marlin and my arms are still shaking! Pics and some awesome video of steph and her dance with a marlin when I can get to upload it! Just what I needed.....another addiction! All for now from cabo!

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Here are a few pics...more to come and the videos when i get home tomorrow!

View from our room


Our Capt. Andreas of the Bad Market


Our deckhand Antonio...this guys would be great to have as a hand on my boat!


Stephanies Fish that she fought for over an hour.....we shipped it to florida to get it mounted:D






Me fighting a 150 pound fish on 30# tackle :eek:


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