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Wisconsin Capt Question


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I am possiably taking a Engineering job in Iowa. What Port would be at the top of your list to relocate my business to. Kenosha, Millwaulke, Racine, Port Washington. either of the ports would be about 250-300 miles from Cresco Iowa.


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I am leaning towards Racine it's 247 miles away. Next interview in 2 weeks from now.I am dreading the tow that pig around Chicago, may be better off to run it across the drink. What do they charger for dockage in Racine.

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I pulled my boat through Chicago when i first brought her home. It wasn't that fun but it was only once. Dock fees in Racine vary greatly. If you dont mind a 20ish minute river cruise from your slip to the lake and less then stellar docks, about $800 for the season (Azarian's Marina). Any where closer to the lake is going to be $1200-$2000 for the season.

Where i am located there are two restaurants/bars and is very handy for customers and a good place to run charters from. There is a fish cleaning station but no security features. It is just a river slip, no real "marina." 209 Dodge St. Racine, Wi if you would like to google satellite map it.

Skipper Buds Reefpoint marina is the big, main marina facility in Racine. It has a secure facility with one restaurant/bar, a pool, showers, bathrooms, a public cleaning station etc.


Feel free to contact me if you would like.

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